• Hu Wenge, a descendant of Meipai, a famous Peking Opera performance artist, Drunkenness of the Imperial Lady.

  • Jin Buhuan, a famous actor of Henan Opera, and his wife Xu Fuxian: I wish all the best to Chinese people all over the world!

  • Zhao Changling, Secretary General of Beijing China Millennium Monument Art Foundation: I wish Chinese families all over the world happiness, good health and happiness.

  • Zhang Jianguo, Peking Opera is a deeper culture. 张建国,京剧是一种更深邃的文化

  • Dai Yueqin, a Pingju Performance Artist: Moistening the Rain, Commenting on the Rhyme and Aroma. 评剧表演艺术家戴月琴:润物化雨,评韵生香

  • Young singer Zhang Ai’s Colorful Windmill

  • Liu Peng, the inheritor of colorful tricks, staged a wonderful Allegro.

  • Classic Old Beijing Street Shouting “Newspaper Lantern”

The Unique Charm of Pekinese Culture 京城京韵

  • Beijing’s Top Ten Courtyards, Mao Dun’s Former Residence on the List, the First Being the Most Expensive Courtyard Complex in Beijing 北京十大顶级四合院,茅盾故居上榜,第一是北京最贵的四合院建筑群

  • The Soul of Beijing, Beijing Opera, a Great Place to Listen to Beijing Opera 京魂京韵话京剧,北京听京剧的好地方

  • The Reopening of the Imperial Palace: How to Appreciate the Beauty of the Forbidden City’s Architectural Design? 紫皇宫殿重重开:如何欣赏紫禁城建筑设计之美?

  • Entering the Most Cultural Hutongs in Beijing – Liulichang 走进北京最具文化的胡同——琉璃厂

  • Appreciating the Art of Chinese Garden Architecture – The Summer Palace, Created by Humans, Yet Resembling Nature 中国园林建筑艺术赏析——虽由人作,宛若天成的颐和园

  • The Historical and Modern Habitat of Beijing’s Deep History – Yangmeizhu Xiejie 北京深处的历史摩登栖息地——杨梅竹斜街

  • The Story of the Old Summer Palace: Emerging from Devastation, Still the Most Beautiful Garden 圆明园的故事:走出满目疮痍,归来仍是万园之园

  • Popular Science | Impressions of Beijing in Ancient Maps 科普 | 古地图中的北京印象

Beijing Events Chronicle over 3000 years 京都纪事

  • Popular Science | The Early Nations Born in Beijing Bay: Yan and Ji 史说北京 | 北京湾里诞生的早期国家——燕国和蓟国 

  • The Unknown Archaeological Stories of Beijing’s 3000-Year Urban History and 800-Year Capital History. 3000年建城史、800年建都史,你所不知道的北京城考古故事

  • Popular Science | How Much Do You Know About Beijing’s History as a Capital? 科普 | 北京建都史你了解多少?

  • Counting the Development Process of Beijing as the Capital, Continuing to the Present, with Great Significance 细数北京成为首都的发展历程,延续至今,意义重大

  • Historical Beijing | Prince Hailing Moves the Capital, Renaming Yanjing to Zhongdu 史说北京 | 海陵王完颜亮迁都,改燕京为中都 

  • Why Was Beijing Once Called Yanjing? 北京为什么曾被叫燕京?

  • Moving the Capital in Nearly 20 Years, 14 Years of Construction for the Forbidden City: Zhu Di and the “Fate” of Beijing 用近20年迁都,历时14年修建紫禁城:朱棣与北京的“缘”

  • [Beijing Stories] The Qing Dynasty Imperial Hospital in the Big Courtyard 【北京故事】大杂院里的清朝太医院

Hall H-- Beijing’s lush traditional Heritage 民俗展馆

  • After Two Years of Restoration, Restoring Traditional Crafts, the 700-year-old Dongyue Temple Welcomes Visitors Again 历经两年修缮,恢复传统工艺,700岁东岳庙再迎客

  • Following These Routes, Finding the Imperial Traditional Crafts Hidden in Beijing’s Hutongs 沿着这些路线,找藏在北京胡同里的宫廷老手艺

  • Imperial Court Snacks, Folk Delicacies 宫廷御点 民俗小食

  • Morning Bells and Evening Drums, New Folk Customs 晨钟暮鼓新民俗

  • Beijing in New Year Songs 年谣里的北京

  • Not Just Any Duck Can Be Made into “Beijing Roast Duck”! 不是随随便便一只鸭子,都能被做成“北京烤鸭”!

  • The “Fuxing Ship” comes loaded with happiness and hope… – Written on the occasion of the “Fuxing Ship” boarding the Qinghai Tibet Railway “复兴号”满载幸福和希望驶来……——写在“复兴号”驶上青藏铁路之际

  • Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the CPC 庆祝中国共产党成立100周年大会现场高清大图来袭

Tongzhou Grand Canal’s Grand History 千年运河

  • Beijing Grand Canal Source Site Park Opens 北京大运河源头遗址公园开园

  • Five Keywords to Explore Wanshou Temple 五个关键词带你探秘万寿寺

  • The Cultural and Creative Design Industry Alliance along the Grand Canal is Established 大运河沿线城市文创设计产业联盟成立

  • The Old City Transforms with a New Look! The Grand Canal Connects the Sub-center with Ancient Charm and Modern Brilliance 老城换新颜!大运河串起副中心古韵今辉

  • A Joint Effort in Three Cities Activates the Cultural Code of the Grand Canal 三地“一盘棋”激活大运河文化密码

  • The Two Banks of the Clear Water Are Revitalized – The Grand Canal Resurrects with New Vitality 碧水汤汤润两岸——大运河再现新生机

  • The Grand Canal Races to Create a 5A Scenic Spot, Painting a New Picture for the Sub-center 大运河冲刺创建5A景区 绘就副中心新画卷

  • “Canal Road” Transforms into an “Ecological Corridor” – The Grand Canal Takes on a New Look “漕运河道”变身“生态走廊” 大运河焕发新风貌

  • Symphony and Peking Opera Fusion, “The Grand Canal of Beijing” Debuts at Shanghai Grand Theatre 交响乐与京剧融合,《京城大运河》亮相上海大剧院

  • The Millennium Canal Welcomes a Century of Revival 千年运河迎来世纪复苏

  • One Picture Reading | Beijing Grand Canal Cultural Belt Atlas 一图读懂 |北京大运河文化带图鉴

  • Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Scenic Area Creation Summit Forum 大运河文化旅游景区创建高峰论坛

Beijing through the lens 视觉北京

  • The grand opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics at the Bird’s Nest 北京2022年冬奥会在鸟巢盛大开幕

  • These classic photos of the 70th anniversary of the 2019 National Day parade are worth cherishing! 2019国庆70周年阅兵 丨这些经典照片,值得珍藏!

  • The awarding ceremony of the National Medal and National Honors of the People’s Republic of China was held in Beijing, China 中华人民共和国国家勋章和国家荣誉称号颁授仪式在京隆重举行

  • Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, yyds! 北京奥运会开幕式,yyds!

  • The Beijing Winter Olympics host city series promotional short videos have been officially released to the public 北京冬奥会主办城市系列宣传短视频正式对外发布

  • The Beauty of the Capital ● Hutong 京城之美●胡同

  • Yuanmingyuan 圆明园

  • Wanshoushan Qingyi Garden 万寿山 清漪园

  • Finally, I can capture all the beautiful pictures of the Forbidden City! Those four season wallpapers that have amazed you are all here 终于能把故宫美图一网打尽了!那些惊艳过你的四季壁纸都在这里……

  • Temple of Heaven 天坛

  • Guozijian 国子监

  • Peking University Red Mansion 北大红楼

  • Time flies, strolling through the Great Barrier to find the “Beijing style” 历久弥新,逛大栅栏寻“京味儿”

  • The Endless Bridge in Beihai Park 北海公园走不尽的桥

  • Beijing CBD blockbuster hits 北京CBD大片来袭

  • The 798 Art District has become brighter! The square is nearly 30000 square meters, and the pedestrian area is nearly 100000 square meters 798艺术区变敞亮了!广场近3万平米,步行区近10万平米

  • The “Central Park” in Beijing covers an area of over 11 square kilometers and is perfectly planned 北京的“中央公园”,占地面积超过11平方公里,规划得很完美

  • The frozen reflection of Yanqi Lake is gorgeous, resembling the “realm of the sky” 雁栖湖结冰 倒影绚丽似“天空之境”

  • Since May Day, 100000 people have experienced the Badaling Night Great Wall! “五一”至今,10万人次体验八达岭夜长城!

  • The Last APEC Senior Officials’ Meeting in 2014 was held in Beijing 2014年APEC最后一次高官会在北京举行

Beijing Central Axis—The Beauty of Order 中轴之美

  • Decoding the city sample of cultural self-confidence 解码文化自信的城市样本

  • The “Central Park” in Beijing covers an area of more than 11 square kilometers and is well planned. 北京的“中央公园”,占地面积超过11平方公里,规划得很完美

  • Remembering the past and caring for the present outside the Di ‘an Gate 地安门外怀古抚今

  • Endless Bridges in Beihai Park 北海公园走不尽的桥

  • Qianmen Street, the most lively boundary in old Beijing. Qianmen Street, the most lively boundary in old Beijing. 前门大街,老北京最热闹的地界儿

  • Temple of Heaven 天坛

  • This “axis of architectural culture” is too beautiful to move. 这条“建筑文化之轴”,美得让人挪不开脚步

  • Beijing’s central axis | Ganlong and Tianqiao double monument 北京中轴线 丨 乾隆与天桥双碑