• China Culture Network Television UK-Channel 中国文化视窗英国网络电视台

    覆蓋39個國家和地區的中國文化傳播使者The messenger of Chinese culture covers over 39 countries and regions

  • 中国文化视窗坚持“内容为王、形式创新”的理念,努力为人民提供昂扬向上、怡养情怀的精神食粮,讲好中国故事,传播好中国声音,更好地塑造国家形象。

    CVNTV insisted on “content is king”,provide an enterprising spirit pabulum for people,telling the legend of China, spreading Chinese voices,shaping the national image.

Enchanting Beijing 魅力北京


  • The Soul of Beijing, Beijing Opera, a Great Place to Listen to Beijing Opera 京魂京韵话京剧,北京听京剧的好地方

  • Historical Beijing | The Characteristics of Beijing’s History and Culture 史说北京 | 北京历史文化的特点 

  • [Beijing Stories] The Qing Dynasty Imperial Hospital in the Big Courtyard 【北京故事】大杂院里的清朝太医院

  • Recommended Must-Visit Attractions in Beijing – Nanluoguxiang 北京必游景点推荐——南锣鼓巷

  • Imperial Court Snacks, Folk Delicacies 宫廷御点 民俗小食

  • The Cultural and Creative Design Industry Alliance along the Grand Canal is Established 大运河沿线城市文创设计产业联盟成立

  • Grand Canal Cultural Tourism Scenic Area Creation Summit Forum 大运河文化旅游景区创建高峰论坛

  • The Beijing Winter Olympics host city series promotional short videos have been officially released to the public 北京冬奥会主办城市系列宣传短视频正式对外发布

  • Yuanmingyuan 圆明园

  • Yonghe Palace 雍和宫

  • Gubei Water Town at the foot of the Great Wall 长城脚下的古北水镇

  • Since May Day, 100000 people have experienced the Badaling Night Great Wall! “五一”至今,10万人次体验八达岭夜长城!

  • Learn from Me | Micro Classroom – Zhuang Language Lesson 004 跟我学|微课堂-壮族语 第004课

  • Learn from Me | Micro Classroom – Zhuang Language Lesson 003 跟我学|微课堂-壮族语 第003课

  • Learn from Me | Micro Classroom – Zhuang Language Lesson 002 跟我学|微课堂-壮族语 第002课

  • Learn from Me | Micro Classroom – Zhuang Language Lesson 001 跟我学|微课堂-壮族语 第001课

Cultural Headlines 文化头条

The 2019 Formula Student China Series (Zhuhai Station) Successfully Completed

The 2019 Formula Student China Series (Zhuhai Station) Successfully Completed

Thematic Channel 专题频道

  • Zhenshan Hou:Unyielding Army Emblem

  • Ailian Chen: The red shoes

  • Peking Opera Yuanyuan Dong : Do well before sing well

  • Jianguo Zhang:The beauty of Peking-opera is the beauty of culture

  • Yuanyuan Gao : If i have a choice

  • Yibing Chen:Sportsmanship

  • Ivy Tsui: The One Who Talks to Time with Dance

  • Iisabella Liu:Definition of design

Literary And Business Stories 文商故事

  • The Enterprise Analects of Confucius

    For more than a deca…
  • To be a pure merchants of culture

    Gong shuguang said t…
  • Design can be extraordinary because of poetry

    Design itself is the…
  • Shan Dai : Love in song

    she create”Sha…
  • Gao Yuanyuan: Choose only the projects I like to invest in

     “want to do i…
  • Jinglin: to make a world-class stage play and influence the world

    In my opinion, origi…
  • Shenfeng Chen:“entrepreneurship” which i understand

    The chief talent of …
  • Cultural merchants in Zhejiang and Guangxi

    Business and culture…

Online Travel 在线旅游


Youth Of China 少年中国

  • Yuqing Lang《You Are the April of This World》

  • Kexin Miao《Possession》

  • Haoyu Wang《I’m proud to be Chinese》

  • Yiting Zhao《 Farewell to Cambridge》

  • Kexin Fang《Uncle feng Lei, where are you》

  • Meili Xing《spring》

  • Sitong Chen《Heaven steppe》

  • Runsi Lee《Seeing The Sea》

Image China 影像中国



  • “红滩湿地 海韵蓝镇”全国摄影大展通稿

  • 《窗》2017魅族PRO7摄影大展通稿

  • 严军作品:马街书会

  • 丁翔华作品

  • 万玛才旦 说不完的故乡

  • 三主粮”杯——首届穿越中国燕麦谷摄影大展​拟入展作品公示

  • 乡愁就是家乡那棵老树

  • 余宽正作品