Peking Opera Yuanyuan Dong : Do well before sing well

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“The birth of a famous Peking Opera corner is inseparable from the cultivation of good teachers, plus their talent and diligence to sing a good play, the first to do a good man.”
Dong Yuanyuan, the national Peking Opera troupe starring Mei Baojiu’s personal disciple; In 1993, he was recommended as the first “Chinese Peking Opera star”, in 1995, he was recommended as a teacher by mei baojiu, and in 2001, he won the first prize of national Peking Opera young actor competition exhibition and the 18th Chinese drama plum blossom prize. Dong yuanyuan, a member of the 12th national committee of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), talks freely about his art career in the studio of Chinese culture window.