Qi Lu: Role model ,understanding of leadership

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It is far from enough to shape the image of Deng Xiaoping to focus only on speech and behavior. To fundamentally grasp the core points of characters, soul and god, is the overall inner temperament of a great man, which is unique to comrade Deng Xiaoping, Famous anti-crack performance artist, Deng Xiaoping played since 1970 after graduating from high school, he enrolled in army ensemble, done announcer pulled up Erhu played drama, opera and dance, in 1974 entered the sichuan people’s art theatre actor, in 1995 transferred to bayi film studio in 1979 for the first time in the mountain snow film the guards  Yan of Zhou Enlai, starred in the baise uprising in 1988 and the 10th session of golden rooster best actor, famous, become as screen Deng Xiaoping’s back.

卢奇, 著名特型表演艺术家,邓小平的扮演者。自1970年中学毕业后考入部队文工团,做过报幕员、拉过二胡、演过歌剧、话剧,还跳过舞,1974年考进四川省人民艺术剧院任演员,1995年调入八一电影制片厂。1979年在《山城雪》中初次登银幕扮演周恩来的警卫员小阎,1988年因主演《百色起义》而获得第10届“金鸡奖”最佳男主角奖,一举成名,成为扮演银幕邓小平的特型演员。