“Wang hong collection“ has completed the pre – recording and release online

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Recently, the CCNTV planning and production of high-end cultural interview programs “Wanghong  collection ” Completed prior to record and launch program invited Wang hong, vice President of the Chinese painting and as a guest host gather antique collection in the field of celebrities, rambling collectors, share industry anecdotes, unhealthy tendencies, carry forward the healthy atmosphere, let the audience in the story, feel the feelings, to get knowledge in the case, and follow the host At the point of view of the guests, with a view of the world, bo, director of the the advantages and the appreciate in the long history of the Chinese nation excellent traditional culture and profound.
Mr Wang hong was born in a scholarly family, from childhood, endowment, loving elders enlightenment, in the aspect of picture book printing gambling all the long, unique style, has national senior art valuers national senior auctioneer two senior titles, 2015 won the achievement award issued by China academy of art, is also the Chinese collector association member he wrote JiMo XieYi yue ancient on the past one hundred years, recorded the calligraphy and painting as a collector Han Yixuan create yue gu zhai and his son Korea post operating antique calligraphy and painting the tortuous experience of life

Both chang pu heart she and yue ancient monastery in the national crisis save the story of the qing dynasty palace relics, also has qianlong YuBi longevity figure paintings precious information disclosure, decrypt the yue gu zhai unknown legend of the past and at the same time, published for the first time the compositions of Korea Mr Bowen identification introduction to ancient and modern landscape painting, the draft by zhang boju preface, from the landscape painting faction to distinguish art forgeries gist painter can name introduced some aspects such as entry-level calligraphy and painting appraisal techniques, containing numerous seals figure and character interpretation of connoisseurs, have identified the set of experience, Korea’s old man life is understanding history painting collection lovers An excellent introduction to learning identification techniques.
In a collection hot today, we hope that through the interpretation of the expert inside course of study, restore original meaning of the collection, edify sentiment, increase knowledge, improve the cultural quality, meet the high level of spiritual enjoyment set cultural knowledge famous classical poetry and the secular enlightenment anecdotes in the integration of a high-end cultural talk show wanghong, collection will bring remarkable visual feast for the audience.